Please read carefully, as failure to comply may result in surcharges or immediate banning.  

·      Be courteous to other residents of our building. Any complaints made during your booking will also result in an immediate                  banning.

·      Doors open when your booking begins.

·      Please, no more than 6 people at a time. (Penalty of $50 per person).

·      Please leave the space as you have found it.

·      Renter is fully responsible for all damaged property and equipment

·      If you would like to shoot in the hallways or other locations throughout the building, please clear with us in advance.

·      Absolutely no smoking.

·      Please inform us in advance if you are shooting a film/commercial production.

·      Please make sure all electronic gear is turned off at the end of your rental session. Please remove cords and properly put away all                equipment when finished. Do not leave bulbs exposed and please place a cone on the light as an added protection. Failing to clean            up after a session will be subject to a “clean up fee” of $30.00 +hst.


·      There is free parking in the back and on the street

·      If you require use of the freight elevator for gear loading, please let us know in advance so we can assist you.


·      In the instance that a piece of equipment belonging to Visico Canada is damaged by any person of the booking party the                client must accept any additional charges incurred by Visico Canada

·      Studio Managers do not assist in set up, but will show the renter how to use equipment.

·      Call or Text Studio Managers for assistance Visico Canada: 289.407.3628

·      In Visico Canada there are 6 strobes, 2 universal wireless trigger, 2 softboxes, 2 strip light, beauty dish, backdrop reflector, snoot, global diffuser, Studio Rail System, step ladder, Tripod.


·      Cancellation before the shoot day requires 48 hours notice otherwise 100% of booking deposit will be charged.

·      Cancellation that occurs within 48 hours of the booking time receives 0% of the booking deposit. 

·      Booking Deposit is made via Paypal, or CREDIT CARD online.

·      Payment is made via CASH, E-Transfer or CREDIT once you arrive at the studio.